Eagle Mountain’s Developer Utopia

Have you ever wondered why Eagle Mountain’s homes are so poorly built or why our streets and neighborhoods are often falling apart? Are the city’s builders just lazy or are the city’s inspectors incompetent? Or could it be an intentional decision by both of them to make extra money at our expense?

A couple years ago a friend of mine talked to a former Eagle Mountain City building inspector about the poor quality homes in our neighborhood and he was told that the city’s main developer has a 1998 Master Development Agreement that exempts him from building codes. Of course, this can’t be true, but if it was, it would explain a lot.

If a developer was actually exempt from the city’s building codes, he could cut all kinds of corners in order to boost his bottom line. If he could shave even 5 percent off the cost of a $150,000 home and he built 100 homes, he would make an extra $750,000 in illegal profits. Over the last 19 years our city’s developers have built about 6,000 homes. You do the math, or you can just read the following report for more details:

Full Report: Eagle Mountain’s Developer Utopia — Building Codes Optional, Profits Extra-Rich

If you would like to help stop our city’s government-sanctioned building and development fraud, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page and share with us any issues you have had with your own home. If enough of us publicly complain and document our problems, our timid and/or crooked politicians can’t ignore them or cover them up like they have done with so many of the city’s other scandals.

Building regulations are designed to protect our health and safety and no one should be exempt from following them.



Comments will be moderated. Please, only identify your property by street name and subdivision (ex. Juniper Dr. in the Landing), but be specific when describing the problems you’ve encountered. Our city officials need to know how widespread the problems are.

5 thoughts on “Eagle Mountain’s Developer Utopia

  1. Lawsuits against the city are problematic because if we win, we get to pay for our own awards through higher taxes. But media attention is a great idea. Also, I’m afraid that the state is ok with our city going rogue because it’s actually letting other cities follow suit. I’ve been hearing stories about Provo, in particular, where developers are getting all kinds of favors from the city’s politicians.

    Long-term there are two elections that will make all the difference in the future. One is the Utah County Attorney’s race and the second is our mayor’s race. If we can get honest people into both of those positions, we can really clean house. Having administrative control of the city and an honest prosecutor in the county will do a lot to curb corruption in our neck of the woods.

  2. I agree that the quality of the homes in general have gone down hill as the pace has sped up in the building process.

    Here is my question: If this is true, then why haven’t we, as residents of Eagle Mountain and clients of the builders here, escalated these concerns to an attorney for a class action lawsuit or at a minimum, gotten the news outlets involved, like Get Gephardt? I can’t imagine that the state is ok with one city going rogue on something like this and there isn’t an attorney wanted to benefit financially from this.

    If a news outlet were to take this story on, at least it would help others not make the same mistakes.


  3. This has been a big problem for us. Main water line burst that connects to the street. Our main sprinker line kept breaking and sprinkler box has sunk. The kitchen cabinets are falling apart. Our side walk and stairs are sinking. Windows are falling away from the house and insulation is coming out from in-between them. Toilets were installed with two rubber gaskets and no wax ring which caused leaking in the basement.

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