Pigs in Suits — A Citizen Audit of Eagle Mountain’s Credit Card Statements

On April 13, 2015 I filed a complaint with the Utah Attorney General’s Office asking for an official investigation into Eagle Mountain City’s corruption. Among other things, I requested that it investigate the thousands of meals purchased by city employees at area restaurants with their government-issued credit cards. On April 17th I contacted their office again to see if they had made a decision yet, but so far, I haven’t received a single reply from the investigators in charge of reviewing the case.

If you would like to voice your support for a thorough investigation of our city, please contact Sean Reyes, the attorney general, at his website. Let him know that you would like him to prosecute the criminals in Eagle Mountain. Be sure to reference the eagleshare.org website in your request. http://attorneygeneral.utah.gov/contact-us

To learn more about the city’s corruption please read the following report:

“Pigs in Suits–A Citizen Audit of Eagle Mountain City’s
2010-2013 Credit Card Statements”
(Executive Summary) (Full Report)

If Beau Babka, a former Cottonwood Heights police officer, can be charged with a third-degree felony for using a government credit card to make $48.17 worth of personal gas purchases, the AG’s Office should be able to charge many of Eagle Mountain’s employees with felonies too, especially since they collectively spent about $42k at area restaurants and are continuing to illegally withhold dozens of credit card statements that may also contain criminal transactions.

Sam Allen
Chief Political Janitor