The Other Side of John Curtis

Provo Mayor John Curtis is running for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District. I hope he loses.

The guy has a long and sordid history of supporting corrupt politicians and greedy developers. He has appointed government officials who appear to have diverted welfare assistance earmarked for disabled kids. And the Provo City Police and Utility Departments were almost certainly involved in a scheme to harass a local whistleblower.… Read the rest

Tom Westmoreland for Mayor — “Counterfeit Conservative” (Part 2)

Part 1 of “Tom Westmoreland — Counterfeit Conservative” can be found here:


Has anyone else noticed that Tom Westmoreland’s campaign signs for mayor violate the city’s codes on sign placement?

Today I went out with a 100’ tape measure and checked the distances between his signs and the center of the right-of-ways which they are next to.… Read the rest

“Deep State Debbie” Hooge — Candidate for Mayor

After Mayor Pengra’s surprising May 30th announcement that he would not seek reelection, Debbie Hooge filed to run for mayor of Eagle Mountain City, again. Her candidacy was announced by her close friend and confidant, Wendy Lojik, the publisher of The Crossroads Journal.

In case you don’t know who Hooge is, here’s a little tidbit to help you out: she was the first mayor of Eagle Mountain who signed an infamous 20-year master development agreement (MDA) that basically gave the city’s most notorious developer free reign to do whatever he wanted in the City Center area.… Read the rest

Utah’s Crooked Prosecutors

If you want to see exactly how incompetent and/or crooked some of the state’s prosecutors are, check out this brief report. It documents how I have followed every step for reporting corruption in Eagle Mountain yet not one city official has been prosecuted despite the overwhelming evidence of their illegal activities.


I can’t help but conclude that Utah is now following in the footsteps of the nation’s other one-party states
where the dominant party actively covers up its own corruption so it can maintain its hold on power.… Read the rest

Vote Against Corruption on Nov. 8th

An Open Letter to Utah’s Voters:

I am a conservative Republican living in Eagle Mountain and have just released a new report that documents how Governor Gary Herbert and Attorney General Sean Reyes have used their offices to protect developer-related corruption in my city.

According to a former city building inspector one of our most powerful local developers has been exempt from the city’s building codes for about 19 years, which has almost certainly padded his bottom line with tens of millions of dollars in illegal profits at the expense of the city’s residents.… Read the rest

Tom Westmoreland — A Counterfeit Conservative

TOM-ACC-Tom-mugWhen I recruited Tom Westmoreland to run for a city council position in early 2013 I did so because he seemed like a solid conservative. He was coming from the private sector. He had a long history of working to promote conservative political issues such as gaining state control of Federal lands in Utah. He seemed to know a lot of other conservatives in the state, which would’ve been a great asset to our small, backwards city.… Read the rest

Donna Burnham: The Political Windsock

burnham-mugOn March 4, 2016 Donna Burnham announced via her friends at the Daily Herald that she was running for the Utah House District 2 seat that is being vacated by David Lifferth (R). This district includes Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs. But before voters do anything crazy–like put her in charge of voting on even bigger government budgets–they really ought to learn a little about her not-so “conservative” record in Eagle Mountain.… Read the rest