Tom Westmoreland for Mayor — “Counterfeit Conservative” (Part 2)

Counterfeit Conservative Tom Westmoreland

Part 1 of “Tom Westmoreland — Counterfeit Conservative” can be found here:


Has anyone else noticed that Tom Westmoreland’s campaign signs for mayor violate the city’s codes on sign placement?

Today I went out with a 100’ tape measure and checked the distances between his signs and the center of the right-of-ways which they are next to. There are at least two signs that clearly violate the law.

What’s especially egregious about this code violation is that when he was first running for office we talked about the city’s crazy campaign sign regulations that basically suppress political speech in the city. In other cities, you see signs everywhere along the right-of-ways. In Eagle Mountain there are none. Signs can only be placed on private property, and guess who owns the best locations? Developers!

Westmoreland told me that when he got into office he would work to reform this section of the code, including getting rid of the provision that prohibits campaign signs in HOAs. He said this type of regulation has already been found unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court.

But once he got into office, he did NOTHING. And now that he is running for mayor, he brazenly ignores the law.

His sign along Eagle Mountain Blvd. should be at least 125 feet from the center of the road. It’s not.


His sign along Pony Express Parkway should be at least 95 feet from the center of the road. It’s not either.


As the self-described “Constitutional Candidate”–who even has copies of the U.S. Constitution hanging on his walls at home–you’d think that he would have more respect for the rule of law.

Guess not.

I wonder if Mayor Pengra is going to order his code enforcement officer to fine Westmoreland for this code violation even though he personally endorsed him . . .  or whether he’ll treat him as if he is above the law since Westmoreland is now clearly part of the city’s ruling elite.