Get Involved!

Call for Volunteers

If you are a resident of Eagle Mountain and would like to help clean up the city, there are several ways you can do this.

Document your personal building horror stories

I have learned through personal experience that one person’s complaint is usually not enough to get our politicians to tackle the worst kinds of corruption. If you want real change, you need to speak up too.

If you bought a home in Eagle Mountain that had serious build quality issues, please submit your story in the comments area of my “Developer’s Utopia” report.

I recommend that you only use your street name and subdivision (ex. Juniper Dr. in The Landing) to identify your property, but please be specific with the details. The more our city officials and law enforcement personnel learn about the scope of the problems, the easier it will be for them to fix them, if they so desire.

Run for office

In 2017 there are two council seats and a mayoral position that will be on the ballot. Although there are some good people who are already interested in these positions, it’s important to get the best candidates possible. If you would like to run for office or meet the others who might, please feel free to contact me directly. I will act as a go-between, whenever possible, to help like-minded individuals, but I won’t be directly involved in any of the campaigns.

Become a campaign volunteer

Running for office is hard to do without additional support from friends in the community because our local paper, the Crossroads Journal, only supports candidates who are already “friends of the establishment.” Even many of the city’s Facebook groups–which are the easiest places to get local news–are dominated by individuals who often oppose blunt criticism of our City Hall.

If you would like to help reform-minded candidates get elected, please feel free to contact me or the prospective candidates themselves.

Become an online activist

There is a real need for an online venue where residents can discuss our local government without being intimidated by the city’s trolls. If someone creates a reform-friendly Facebook group or another type of forum that encourages honest debate without the presence of online bullies (yes, they are a problem here too), I think they will find that a lot of residents would appreciate their work.

Become a public corruption investigator

Since I have started writing about the city’s corruption I’ve essentially become an informal clearinghouse for this type of information, but due to my own personal limitations I don’t have the time to expose all of the different scandals I know about. If you would like to learn how to find, document, and expose real scandals that will improve our local government, I am happy to help.



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