Election Fraud in Eagle Mountain

During the August 13, 2013 municipal primary election in Eagle Mountain City there were numerous irregularities in the vote counting process that prompted me to investigate the possibility that the election might have been stolen. After a couple weeks of research I compiled my findings in a report, which I then forwarded to various government officials around the state in the hope that we could get a recount that would conclusively determine whether the election results were honest or fraudulent. To my disappointment, not a single county or state agency could or would help me get to the bottom of this mystery.

Up until now I have largely kept this report private because I wanted to give Tim Taylor, the acting Utah County Attorney, time to privately investigate without the city becoming aware of my concerns. If the city caught wind of my suspicions before the ballots in question were secured, it could tamper with them and make it impossible for him to ever uncover the truth. Unfortunately, the Utah County Attorney’s Office has shown no interest in helping the residents of Eagle Mountain at all and now the only option left to me is to let the public know of what may have happened.

In the interest of full disclosure, I endorsed and actively supported the two candidates who might have lost the primary due to election fraud. They were Robert Schermerhorn (mayoral candidate) and Nick Jessen (council candidate). The two beneficiaries of this potential fraud were the incumbents, Mayor Heather Jackson and Council Member Nathan Ochsenhirt.

While there is no indication the incumbents had anything to do with the potential fraud, at the very least the unprofessional conduct of the city recorder, who is their direct employee, calls into question their competency as political leaders in Eagle Mountain. Voters ought to take this into account when they vote in the general election on November 5th, 2013.

EMC Election Fraud Report
This is an updated version of the report I gave to county and state authorities in the hope that they would conduct a recount and investigate any irregularities.

Addendum to the EMC Election Fraud Report
This report describes my failed attempts to get an investigation and speculates on why our county and state officials have not helped us clean up corruption in Eagle Mountain. It also contains additional details on other scandals such as how developers have been able to steal millions of dollars from residents by controlling the reins of power within the city.


Update: Going forward several things should happen . . .

(1)  The city recorder should not be allowed to supervise the upcoming general election on Nov. 5th.
(2)  The City Council should order that all the ballots from the primary election are immediately removed from the recorder’s safe in her office and placed in the custody of the Utah County Elections Division for safe keeping, pending future investigations.
(3)  The City Council should officially request an investigation of the primary election by an independent third-party.
(4)  All candidates should make sure they have poll watchers present to verify the integrity of the vote on Nov. 5th.

Another update: It doesn’t appear that anyone at the city, county or state levels seems to care about election fraud in Eagle Mountain.  It should be noted that public officials who would potentially benefit from election fraud are still allowed to serve as members of the canvassing board that certifies the election. It’s a stunning conflict of interest that should be illegal, but isn’t in this city.