Building Department Fails Residents Again

On December 2, 2013 a local concrete contractor poured the pads for a garage and basement without any thermal protection even though temps that night and in the following days reached far below freezing. This was strictly against the city’s building codes and it guaranteed that the future owner of this house will be stuck with weakened concrete that will most likely chip in the coming years.

What makes this oversight so egregious is that a local resident saw the same thing happen the previous week at a couple other homes down the street. When he complained to the building department, the building inspector made a big show of taking pictures of the incorrectly poured concrete, but then seemed to do nothing to stop it from happening again the next week.

Here is a copy of the city’s cold weather concrete requirements:


Now here is a copy of the weather report on Dec 4, 2012, the date the following pictures were taken.

Here are two pictures of the affected property:


Kent Partridge is the Chief Building Official for the city. His email address is: You’d think that a guy who makes over $125k a year would be able to make sure the city’s concrete is poured correctly, especially after being warned about the problem, but apparently that isn’t the case.