2015 Municipal Election Results

The results are in and every single incumbent politician has now been replaced! Here are the official election results for 2015:


Incumbents that have left us:

Mayor Heather Jackson — defeated by voters 2013
Council Member Nate Ochsenhirt — defeated by voters 2013
John Painter — chose not to run for re-election 2013
Rich Steinkopf — defeated by voters 2015
Donna Burnham — chose not to run for re-election 2015
Ryan Ireland — chose to not run for re-election 2015

Thank you Eagle Mountain City voters!

Current Eagle Mountain Elected Officials:

Mayor Chris Pengra
Council Member Adam Bradley
Council Member Tom Westmoreland
Council Member Stephanie Gricius
Council Member Ben Reaves
Council Member Colby Curtis

Hopefully, with a new slate of officers this city can finally clean up its act.