State Auditor Responds to Report

Today I received a letter from the Utah State Auditor, John Dougall, regarding my report on the Eagle Mountain City Utility Scandal. I am pleased to announce that he is going to investigate the city’s:

  • Utility and enterprise fund transfers and corresponding rates
  • Entertainment and travel expenses
  • The alleged missing $7 million in sewer bonds

It may take some time for his office to begin their investigation, but it has been officially added to their statewide list of potential investigations. More details are in the letter which can be found here:

State Auditor Responds to ‘Eagle Mountain Utility Scandal Report’

Included with the letter from the auditor was a copy of a letter written by Richard Ellis, the Utah State Treasurer. This letter offers some more details on the city’s use of an offshore bank account.

State Treasurer Responds to Citizen Concerns about Offshore Accounts


-Sam Allen